Stationer Nancy Sharon Collins, in partnership with Exclusive Bordering Company and Astro Paper & Envelopes, presents four, 12-minute pop-up tutorials on how to be the best supply partner ever!

Monday and Tuesday morning, at 11:00am, Mrs. Collins will share tricks of the trade specifying and dealing with specialty processes and printing, covering such tops as: What designs are appropriate for letterpress? What is duplexing? What is triplexing? What’s the most effective bordering technique for my project? How do I specify and proof color?

On both afternoons, at 3:00pm, she will share four decades experience specifying and designing with the myriad choices of papers currently available. Topics discussed include: What printing techniques are right for different kinds of paper? How do I make my finished design look like what I saw on my computer screen? What’s the best paper for my project? What’s the worst?

In addition to being the country’s leading expert on designing and creating engraved stationery and the author of The Complete Engraver, Mrs. Collins has also authored many useful articles about color, print, and print production. Here are a few articles published in PRINT:

Paper Weights and Thickness
A Glossary of Engraving Terms
The Visual Culture of Color: A Brief History of Color Matching Systems
Color Matching Systems II: Best Practices for Choosing & Using Color
Color Matching Systems III: On-Screen Color & Printing Specifications

Join Mrs. Collins, Exclusive Bordering, and Astro Paper & Envelopes May 21st and 22nd. Bring questions, and your design curiosity, Mrs. Collins is ready to share.