There was a time when every decent-sized town in America had at least one stationer from whom could be exacted the correct protocol for every important event in life. Traditionally, social stationery was engraved. Who knows this? Perhaps you do, and perhaps that’s why you’ve landed on this page.

Today, at Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer LLC, our mission is to keep live and vital the function of hand engraved social stationery. And, in case one begins to forget, engraved stationery’s main function is communication.

Here, we combine arcane printing processes, primarily engraving, with the latest digital graphic design technologies and enough outreach, teaching, writing and public relations to broadcast all the wonders this beautiful old process possesses.

What is this incredible background image? In the 1990s as Mrs. Collins was learning to design on the Mac with then state-of-the-art QuarkXpress software, she wondered if it was possible to replicate 500 thread count textiles engraved (rather than woven) using available digital technology to generate the artwork.

She’d already played with Adobe Illustrator, enlarging minute details 1600 times actual size, so she knew super fine lines were possible. (Engraved lines are the finest of any print technology in the world).

She drew lines in Illustrator, then layered them vertically and horizontally in Quark, building a plaid pattern of four different colors. The now closed Lehman Brothers Engraving did the photo-engraving and die stamping (printing). The result is a series of 4″ x 6″ cards looking like Thai silk, or a very fine weave.