Hand engraved monogram.

Monogram or Cipher or Cypher

Featured here is a wonderful example of a brand new, personal monogram created from scratch by Nancy Sharon Collins. Then hand engraved on imported, pale blue, Alpha Cellulose card stock with matching envelopes hand lined in white tissue paper. The cards have been hand bordered and edged in white complimenting the engraving.
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Engraved holiday image.

Holiday Cheer, Engraving, & Specialty Printing

Happy holidays and great, good cheer while gathering around your favorite celebration icons. Such as decorated ferns and trees. Vintage train sets, spinning tops, and, of course, elves. When you need a little break from the eggnog, the roasting of turkeys and yams, and all those brussel sprouts, take a moment to read Mrs. Collins’s…
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Monograms & Ciphers

What is the difference between a monogram and a cipher? Or, is the later “cypher”? To the initial question, ciphers are a design comprising a person’s initials. Arranged in a decorative yet illegible tangle. Or spaced out neatly for maximum readability. On the other hand, a monogram is a design in which the initials depend…
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