Custom monogram hand painted on Italian made ALUMNAE boot.

Sketching a New Monogram

This is a little animation showing how Mrs. Collins creates a monogram or cipher from scratch. Each design is sketched, by hand, with a pencil on tracing paper. She always starts with random exercises combining the client’s initials. Once established, the initials are created into a unique design in the form of a pencil drawing…
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Nora Navra Library and desegregation

Ring in the New Year!

2019 has already established itself as a banner year here in the studio of Mrs. Collins. After twelve years, the History of Graphic Design in South Louisiana (HGD-SL) project is soon to be finished! This project, which began in 2006, was championed by Mrs. Collins. It was covered by PRINT Magazine, and comprises original source material…
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Black & Blue

Late October 2018: Phillips auction house in Manhattan’s tony, bluestocking district, premiered a curated selection of vintage apparel and accessories from Keni Valenti’s personal collection of over 20,000 pieces collected over forty years. This selection, and more, is currently being sold exclusively on Bluefly. This collaboration between Valenti and Bluefly was brilliantly curated by Jeff McKay….
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