Gentleman's Engraved Stationery

Gentleman’s Stationery Suite

Our bespoke monograms always begin with pencil sketches, the old fashioned way. Once approved, the monogram is etched and engraved, by hand, onto a 1/2″ thick steel die. This is then press proofed to check for accuracy. Sometimes, we press proof on the client’s chosen paper—or papers—in various inks. This provides accurate color combination choices….
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LETTERS READ: CODEX Open Mic Night Saturday, July 20, 2019 6:00 to 7:30 pm Crescent City Books 124 Baronne Street, New Orleans, across from the Roosevelt Hotel ABC@PM, Crescent City Books, and Letters Read present a second open mic night for book nerds. CODEX is a conversation about the physicality and context of interacting with…
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ALUMNAE monogram alphabet

Custom Monogram Style for Alumnae

Hand engraved for Alumnae NYC proprietary monograms exclusively designed by Nancy Sharon Collins. Have your new pair of Alumnae shoes hand painted with your own monogram in this unique lettering style developed from engraved masters. The small detail shows an original engraved print of a monogram. This large image is the hand engraved steel master-template…
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Custom monogram hand painted on Italian made ALUMNAE boot.

Sketching a New Monogram

This is a little animation showing how Mrs. Collins creates a monogram or cipher from scratch. Each design is sketched, by hand, with a pencil on tracing paper. She always starts with random exercises combining the client’s initials. Once established, the initials are created into a unique design in the form of a pencil drawing…
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