Paper through Thick and Thin

This article is primarily about thin paper. To understand what constitutes thin, one should compare it to thick in the same language used by commercial paper companies. Paper weight refers to how much a ream of paper weighs. Thickness refers to its measure in millimeters or inches and may also be affected by tooth or…
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You've go mail.

5. Nancy Says — You’ve Got Mail

In this fifth mini-video, Mrs. Collins explains, in a heart felt manner, what its like receiving a personal letter. This series of ten videos, all less than a minute in length, are snippets about engraved stationery, receiving personal letters in the snail-mail method (through the post office), and what its like being a stationer creating…
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Hand bound ledger

Hand Bound Ledger

Handmade, Genuine Pressboard and vintage onion skin ledgers. At 16.5” X 7” the volume is tall enough for carrying textbook-style in your arms. Mrs. Collins’s ledgers are bound with silk thread and an Iris, book cloth spine comprised of 80 pages each blue and white 9#, vintage, onion skin papers. Onion skin is but a tad…
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Happy New Year!

This year we are offering the very last from a late 1990s limited edition of French-folded hand engraved onion skin Happy New Year cards. Individual, hand engraved card and complimentingly lined envelopes. $15.45, including shipping. Purchase here. Traditional etiquette suggests one has the entire first month of the new year to receive New Years notes and good…
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Christmas monogram

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Its holiday time and here are a few of our favorite things: Custom, hand engraved family monogram used with Christmas motif and your own greeting. Get a jump on one for 2018 (monogram projects generally take at least two months to create and hand engrave.) Use the monogram in a unique familial color during the…
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