Autumn, 2016 – New Orleans, Louisiana: Nancy Sharon Collins, stationer extraordinaire, proudly announces custom, hand bound ledgers for journaling, writing a diary, and for composing rough drafts of personal correspondence.

Notebooks are a great place to register feelings, reflections about life, travel, puzzling through problems and dealing with them. In this manner, ledgers—notebooks, journals and diaries—are all physical artifacts of our thought process in an original, visual form. Over time and on these journal pages, our thought-process-rough-drafts remain, allowing for examination, and consideration, again and again.

Fashioned after 20th century grade school composition books with their iconic red, Genuine Pressboard cover, Mrs. Collins’s are hand bound with silk thread and violet Iris bookcloth spine. Th original dimensions of these little beauties are 4″ x 10-3/4″. The pages are tall enough for writing a complete thought and the book itself wide enough to comfortably carry in one hand. Mrs. Collins’s signature ledger have 36 pages each of blue, yellow, and white 9#, vintage, onion skin paper. Onion skin is but a tad thicker than tissue. Vintage onion skin of this quality has not been made in decades and is 25-100% cotton. Graphic elements, such as the tiny label on front, and colophon on last page, are engraved.

Currently we are taking custom orders and working with larger dimensions.

The book’s size, number of pages, one-of-a-kind, custom, hand marbled end papers, and graphic elements can all be ordered to your taste and liking. Additionally, yours can have your name engraved on the cover’s label and a brief narrative, or accolade, engraved on the colophon inside. (An example of Mrs. Collins’s engraved colophon can be seen in the small thumbnail at right.)

Inquiries very welcome.