Nancy Sharon Collins is one of those rare birds practicing in the same profession continuously since achieving both a BFA and MFA in the same discipline: graphic design. Her knowledge and experience are so extensive that she lectures on the subject at conferences around the world.

Recently, some of her most loyal clients have come to her for re-branding, which she does purely through the lens of engraved stationery. Case in point is Frank de Biasi Interiors. Mrs. Collins is responsible for the logo, primary and secondary typography, the colors, alignment, etc. In short, she directs the graphic appearance of the brand. She works with web developers as she does with printers and engravers, making sure each graphic element looks as it should with the client’s brand.

It is no coincidence that the majority of her work uses type more than imagery. This is because she loves type, and is part of the international typographic community in which the latest font development is standard issue. Her favorite projects combine old engravers’ lettering styles re-purposed into the latest technology. A perfect example is the font used for the menu and all the body copy in this website, Sweet Sans by Mark van Bronkhorst at MVB fonts. Mrs. Collins consults with Mark about his legacy fonts based on old engravers’ styles. And then there’s the two fonts designed and distributed for the launch of her book, The Complete Engraver, free by Monotype, the largest and oldest font development company in the world.