Nancy Sharon Collins is one of those rare birds practicing in the same profession continuously since achieving her BFA and MFA in the same discipline. In her mind, designing engraved stationery is a nostalgic, early form of graphic design. Every element is intentional.

Her most loyal clients come to her for re-branding. She does this purely through the lens of engraved stationery. One instance is Frank de Biasi Interiors. Mrs. Collins’s responsibility was for the logo, primary and secondary typography, color standards, graphic alignment, etc. All of these elements based on the engraved stationery created here. More recently, she branded Jeff McKay. The homepage for his website is this background. (If you are viewing on a computer screen, yes, the mash-up of logos is, indeed, intentional.)

She works with web developers as she does with printers, engravers, and typographers. Making sure each graphic element looks as it should within the client’s brand. In short, she directs the graphic appearance of the client’s brand.