Monograms depend upon structural elements—such as stems and trunks—to hold them together. Monogram initials can not be taken apart without falling apart. A cypher is a series of wonderfully independent initials. Cypher initials depend on themselves alone; individual and expressive. Such as “N S C”. (Cypher is also spelled as a cipher.)

Lettering, on the other hand, can be all of this. Once again we are creating original lettering inspired by classic stationery engravers’ lettering style. Ours are drawn by hand with a pencil on paper. The resulting letter is then hand engraved. Our lettering creates monograms and ciphers. And, once again, entire names.

This magenta specimen is based upon a style from a tiny library of 20th Century stationery engravers’ lettering models.

For more about the tiny library, turn to The Complete Engraver, pages 168 to 189.