Bespoke hand engraved stationery projects are all about interaction between you (the client) and the stationer (Mrs. Collins). Truly custom projects are Mrs. Collins’s favorite! She gets to stretch her imagination, available resources, and processes. She loves thinking about, and acting upon the idea of what if… What if means anything that can be dreamed of brought into focus by what is possible.

An example of this is her completely hand made, custom screen-printed envelope linings that can match your hand-mixed engraving ink.

Monograms and ciphers are drawn entirely by hand. Paper samples are sourced individually and for each client. Color combinations are investigated at length and specifically for each and every client. Bindery options, such as bevel and edge painting, gilding, custom cases for your new stationery, are all offered and discussed.

As Mrs. Collins is won’t to remark…“our stationery designs are from scratch in a manner similar to baking a from-scratch cake.” Watch the little video.

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