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Engraved Onion Skin stationery is available again for a limited time. Ten sets only are being offered for $20 plus $7.50 shipping until August 20, 2021.

Each ensemble comprises one engraved, fold-over sheet, one engraved single sheet, one hand-made, 100% cotton Onion Skin, fully-lined envelope, and one alpha-cellulose outer envelope to protect these beauties as they make their way through the rigors of today’s United States Postal Service sorting machines.

The sheets are approximately 4 X 6″ and can be used as a conventional greeting card. Or as the precious collectible that it is.

Originally produced in the mid-1990s as examples of what engraved stationery can look like in the creative sense, there are only a few remaining in our archive. During a recent organization session, we decided to offer ten for sale for this limited time.

The artwork for each leaf was made by scanning a real leaf from nature. Each etched and engraved copper plate, from which each engraving press run is achieved, is about 4″ square. The pale gradation is what occurs in the press-run as ink migrates to the edges when there is no detail in the open center to hold it.