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$10 a piece plus shipping: These hand-sewn notebooks average 4” wide by 5″ long, shapes and binding stitches vary. There are 14, 4″ square notebooks and one 5″ square. Some rectangularly oriented books are 6”, 7”, and 8” long (about 4” wide). Most shapes are one-of-a-kind so request your preference while choices last.

Made from off-cuts of Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer private treasure trove of real, vintage Onion Skin paper, most are water-blue with red or pink stitching. There is only one white Onion Skin, a long rectangle with side stitched binding (shown). The books average 15 folded double-leaves (sheets). Each folded leaf can be opened with a bone knife the old fashioned way to make 30 individual leaves or 60 pages (faces). They are self-cover meaning the same 9#, 100% cotton vintage Onion Skin forms the covers.

These are also perfect when paired with real Onion Skin stationery available exclusively here. Quantities extremely limited.