Petite Suite hand engraved monogram
Petite Suite hand engraved monogram series exclusively from Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer.

Ever wonder about owning authentic, engraved stationery but didn’t know where to begin? To make the process easy, we invented Petite Suite, engraved notes exclusively created with your very own monogram from a unique selection of exclusive styles.

Each monogram is created individually, drawn by hand then engraved—also by hand–onto a 1/2″ thick steel die. There is nothing mass produced about these monograms!

Petite Suite monogram die.
This is an example of Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer hand engraved steel monogram die. This die, from her Petite Suite collection, measures 1-1/2″ square. As with all Mrs. Collins dies, it is one-half inch thick steel.

Each note card is printed (also by hand) on a real engraving press and printed one at a time. Orders are comprised of 100 off white cards and matching envelopes for $697.00 plus $9.75 shipping and handling. You choose the ink color while ordering, below. After the order is placed you will be contacted about choosing one of these Petite Suite monogram styles.

Ink Colors