The Doctrinaire, newsletter from Nancy Sharon Collins.
From 2003 to 2010 this infrequently occurring newsletter was published by Nancy Sharon Collins, LLC about hand engraved stationery. Upon purchase, all numbers have been re-published to PDF that will be emailed to you.


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This newsletter came about as an antidote to the computer and to increased reliance on greeting cards with commercial messages—both real and electronic—and the use of social media. The Doctrinaire reminds us that the act of handwriting a note on custom stationery, sent through the mail and hand delivered by a post-person, has become a welcome nicety in our nutty, modern age. Further, one must remember that the only proper response to a social inquiry is written by hand on engraved letter or note paper. While Mrs. Collins may text message a quick thank you directly after a visit or hosted event, it is always followed with a properly composed hand written missive.

The Doctrinaire explains a lot of this. Each issue is 4 pages and chock-full of vital, engraved stationery, and letter writing, information. Originally printed in black and white, on Mohawk Superfine text weight paper. The folded size is 8.5″ X 11″ printed. Regular departments include: The most pressing question of its day, and, the answer. Culture Corner/New World journal with interesting cultural tidbits. And, “Sometimes questions arise…” advising ways to avoid faux pas in letter writing and personal correspondence.