Hello Darling

Hello Darling!

Mrs. Collins’s very own “Hello Darling” note cards hand engraved in two colors (black and white) on her proprietary “Oh That Pink” letter papers and hand bordered in white. $16.00 includes shipping and handling. Each order comprises one card and one hand-lined envelope. The envelope is lined with white, cotton content, onion skin paper. This hand…
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Hand-sewn, Vintage Onion Skin Notebooks

$10 a piece plus shipping: These hand-sewn notebooks average 4” wide by 5″ long, shapes and binding stitches vary. There are 14, 4″ square notebooks and one 5″ square. Some rectangularly oriented books are 6”, 7”, and 8” long (about 4” wide). Most shapes are one-of-a-kind so request your preference while choices last. Made from…
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