From the original, 1999 limited edition. Now available, only five (yes 5) hand engraved “Thank You” cards from the archive. $42.50 per piece including shipping. We are sorry, this item is sold out.

For this special edition, we are embellishing each envelope with hand marbled lining papers. Each is different, each lining sheet is unique.

The card is ultra-thick, 4-ply, 100% cotton museum board. See here for a description of paper thickness and weights. The edges are beveled, the corners are radii, then gilded in silver.

The lettering was drawn by hand with pencil on paper. It is not calligraphy. Rather, the lettering was developed using a unique process whereby Mrs. Collins and the engraver exchanged iterations via fax machine. She still draws custom lettering with pencil and paper.

Yes, a fax machine was used for communicating sketches. Remember, these were created in 1999.